Our solution for big PCBs

Ideal for large boards or complex assemblies
Guiding of the board via the outer geometry or by means of catch pins
High and protruding components are taken into account
Individually adapted to your blank geometry
Layout of the test probes exchangeable
High and protruding components are taken into account
Long service life and easily replaceable wear parts
Optionally with double-sided contacting
On request with integrated limit switch, connectors, switches, display elements, fan, lens, etc
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Test adapter with recess

A typical POL test fixture for a particularly rigid board where side hold down is sufficient and which must be accessible from above during testing.

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Prüfadapter mit Aussparung

Geometrical flexibility

Another typical POL test fixture for a free-form geometry board

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Any interfaces

The back of this test adapter shows the degrees of freedom in the electrical interface. D-Sub connectors have proven to be the standard. We can also install any other plug according to your requirements.

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Double-sided contact

An example of double-sided contacting. The upper needle bed is aligned by the same locating pins as the sinker to achieve the highest possible precision. Since the pilot pins are in the CNC-milled needle bed, the tolerance chain is kept low and tolerances of the additively manufactured components have no influence on the accuracy of the test contact pins.

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When rigidity is required

Even 3D printing has its limitations. For very large circuit boards, we therefore reinforce our designs with aluminum strut profiles and increasingly rely on CNC-milled components.

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Test levels

In many cases different levels are contacted. This is particularly the case when test points on the circuit board and assembled connectors have to be contacted at the same time. Spring contact pins with different lengths can be used for this. In the case of large height differences, however, indentations or elevations can also be provided in the needle bed.

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Plug positions

The electrical interfaces are typically located on the back of our test adapters. As with almost all matters, we are also flexible here and are happy to place the desired plugs in the positions you specify

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