Individual testadapters

Whether individual components, assemblies or entire products – we’ll connect you.

  • Individually adapted to your test specimen
  • Contacting in several axes possible
  • Interface: D-Sub or according to your requirements
  • On request with integrated limit switch, plugs, switches, display elements, fan, sensors, lens, etc.
  • Heavily stressed areas can be designed as replaceable wear parts


A large housing for the measurement technology was required here. On it are two simple receptacles for test objects, which are each contacted from two directions.

This is a hybrid solution made of aluminum strut profiles and additively manufactured components for contacting a 1.2 meter long test object. A rotating shaft is coupled to the lateral linear guides via belts and ensures that the mechanism runs smoothly without jamming.

A hand-held test adapter for low-wear contacting of a vehicle connector.

Another hand-held test adapter for low-wear contacting of a vehicle connector.

A test adapter for power steering systems that contact the test contact pins by their own weight. An inductive proximity sensor and LED display elements are also integrated.

With this, a test object installed in a housing can be contacted from several directions. When the hood is closed, the slides automatically move into the test object. At the same time, the hood is locked electrically and contact protection is provided.

A test adapter for use in a climate chamber at extreme temperatures. With up to 7 drawers, up to 35 test items can be inserted and electrically contacted using a lever.

A large adapter with touch protection and extensive connector panel on the back.

A simple test adapter for uncomplicated contacting of stripped strands in series production.