Innovative design and highest flexibility

Available in standard sizes 200×200 mm and 300×300 mm as well as individually for very large circuit boards
Double-sided contact possible
Interchangeable needle bed/hold-down device
Custom interface
Large installation space in the adapter for components such as in-system programmers or measuring electronics
Robust frame made of aluminum strut profiles
Adaptable through sensors, switches, display elements (LEDs/displays), switching contact pins (for detecting the presence of the test object)
Guidance of the board via the external geometry or using catch pins
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Stability and precision

The IDL (Industrial Line) expands ELOPRINT’s offering with a robust adapter that reliably contacts even large quantities of very large circuit boards. With a frame made of aluminum strut profiles, it guarantees maximum stability and precision. The CNC-milled needle bed enables reliable electrical contacting of even the smallest test points.

Versatile innovation

The IDL offers standard sizes (200 x 200 mm and 300 x 300 mm) and meets individual requirements. The folding mechanism ensures easy access to test contacts and test object holder. With its user-friendly functions, double-sided contacting and optional integration options, the IDL sets new standards for circuit board testing.