Customized device construction

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At ELOPRINT, we understand the importance of efficient production processes and the crucial role that customized fixtures play in them. We offer a wide range of fixture solutions for various industries and applications, from simple holders to highly complex mechanisms.

Our focus in implementing the fixtures lies in additive manufacturing, where we utilize various state-of-the-art processes such as FDM, DLP, SLS, and Inkjetting in-house. This enables us to choose the right method and material for each application, allowing us to produce fixtures of exceptional precision and quality.

In addition, we have CNC milling capabilities for parts that require exceptionally high precision or stability. Should your requirements exceed our manufacturing capabilities, we can leverage an extensive network of suppliers capable of producing suitable parts according to the given specifications.

Our experienced team of engineers and manufacturing specialists is at your disposal to understand your individual requirements and develop tailor-made solutions that optimize your production process and increase your efficiency.

Overview of Our Services:

Utilization of State-of-the-Art Additive Manufacturing Processes: FDM, DLP, SLS, Inkjetting

Customized Fixtures for Various Industries and Applications

CNC Milling for Parts with Highest Precision and Stability

Access to a Network of Suppliers for Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Experienced Team of Engineers and Manufacturing Specialists for Individual Consultation and Solution Development


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